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Kamera Taille Spinne Gürtel Holster Quick Strap Schnalle matt polierte Oberfläche schwarz

von JesseBro76
Preisvergleich Produktbild Kamera Taille Spinne Gürtel Holster Quick Strap Schnalle matt polierte Oberfläche schwarz
1 Ergonomically designed camera belt is used to hang the camera through the waist of the person. It will not put pressure on your back, shoulders and neck. When you use it, you can hardly feel anything hanging on your body. There is no more comfortable camera-equipped device.
2 Shoot quickly The camera belt is placed between your hips and legs, so you can take the camera quickly and take it under any condition.
3 Practicality The camera belt can handle any bumps and travel.
4 Durability We have used this belt to hang 20 kg of items for more than 1000 hours. However, all parts of the belt are intact and there is no looseness in all connection positions.
5 versatility Its locking device is compatible with any built-in camera bottom of any age
6 Aesthetics Without any cumbersome strap design, it is not as bulky and bulky as a camera bag. Only a simple and delicate metal buckle is stuck on the belt. If you want to take a picture, don't miss any wonderful things. Just take action.

size: 152*51*79mm
color: black
material: ABS

Package Included:
1 x SLR camera buckle

Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement and make sure you do not mind before ordering.
The color of the actual items may slightly vary from the above images due to different computer screen, thanks for your understanding.
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