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MIXIUSIXIU Laptop-Lüfter Pad Ständer USB-Powered Notebook-Kühler für Tablet-Telefon

Preisvergleich Produktbild MIXIUSIXIU Laptop-Lüfter Pad Ständer USB-Powered Notebook-Kühler für Tablet-Telefon

USB laptop cooling pad quiet fans.
Convenient, reliable and comfortable to carry.
Made of high quality plastic, durable.
Compact and portable.
Designed with cross flow fan.
Vertical or horizontal cooling for notebook/tablet/smart phone and user.
Fan speed control(low / medium / high, three modes adjustment).
Adjustable stand for all size of devices.
Plug and play and hot swappable.
Power by usb cable.

No need for any installation.
Your laptop can breathe easily with this notebook cooler.
Extend the life and functionality of your laptop.
Laptop cooling fan is designed with a cross-flow fan.
It creates a noise-free & interference-free environment for you.
You can control fan speed with switch button.
It is the USB vertical and horizontal cooling fan with stand. It is not only for devices but also for user's cooling.
It is designed with a cross-flow fan, which the airflow is much stronger than a normal PC fan.

Brand: LESHP
Model: CF-1691
Material: plastic
Color: Black
Dimension: 66*66*297mm/2.6*2.6*11.69 inch
Fan type: cross flow fan
Fan RPM: 2100-2900RPM
Noise level: 30-40DBA
Voltage rating: 5V
Power core type: USB cable
Application for all devices & users

Package Included:
1 x USB cooling fan
1 X USB Cable
1 X User manual

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