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Jurassic Park Large Knitted Scarf "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth"

von Nerd Block
Preisvergleich Produktbild Jurassic Park Large Knitted Scarf "When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth"
Nerd Block

Let dinosaurs live on forever!

With a scarf based on THE greatest dinosaur movie in existence! Knitted with the words "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" on both the front and back, our Jurassic Park scarf is based on the banner found in one of the most famous scenes of the original 1993 cult classic film!

We may not have a T-Rex, but we do have an awesome scarf!

Our Jurassic Park Scarf is high quality and made from plush 100% acrylic material! Scarf is black in color and contains the same font style and color as the movie's logo. It is also extra-long, measuring in for a total of 5 feet in length (fringed ends included in length)! Machine wash with cold water only. Scarf is a Nerd Block exclusive.

A clever purchase!

Our scarf is not only awesome Jurassic Park merchandise but is also practical! Both comfortable and cozy, your neck will be as warm as a T-Rex's breath! Warm enough to wear to dig up fossils during an icy and cold archeological excavation!

Don't worry - wearing our scarf will not attract a T-Rex!

Or Ian Malcolm (Sorry about that)! However, our premium quality scarf WILL attract both envy and compliments from other Jurassic Park and 90s pop culture fans!

A scarf that can be used for more than outdoor use!

Wear it to a dinosaur themed party or incorporate it into your next Jurassic Park cosplay! It also makes the perfect gift for a 90s movie merch collector or any dino-lover! Our scarf is versatile!

Wearing our Jurassic Park "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth" Scarf is guaranteed to make you want to say "Welcome...to Jurassic Park!"

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