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Wenwenzui Auto Starthilfe Kit 14000mAh Dual USB Power Bank Notbatterie Booster

von Wenwenzui
Preisvergleich Produktbild Wenwenzui Auto Starthilfe Kit 14000mAh Dual USB Power Bank Notbatterie Booster
Made from high quality material, durable and of long service life.
Ideal choice for long driving and traveling.
Emergency Battery Booster
Compatible with various cellphone, game machine, Bluetooth headset, digital camera.
With LED light, bring you brightness in night and dark environment, can be used as emergency flashlight.
Support 12V vehicle jump start and charge for various cell phone, MP3, MP4, notebook, car refrigerator and so on.

High brightness, 3 mode LED flashlight. The LED Flashlight can switch between lighting, strobe and SOS modes under different circumstances.
Multiple safety protection design ensure jump starter zero defect.
14000mah large capacity, lightweight and portable, easy to carry.

Model: CP-31
Material: plastic
Color: black & yellow
Product size: 165*80*37mm
Capacity: 14000mAh, 3.7V, 51.8WH
Start current: 200A
Peak current: 600A
Output: 5V/2.1A, 5V/1A, 19V/3.5A, 12V jump start
Input: 14V/1A
Full charging time: approx. 4H
Operation temp.: -20~60
Lifetime: >1000 cycles
Protections: short circuit proof
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