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Kids You Make Me So Corny Adjustable Hip Hop Baseball Hat Custom Cap for Children

Preisvergleich Produktbild Kids You Make Me So Corny Adjustable Hip Hop Baseball Hat Custom Cap for Children
The sun is coming out, this casual ball cap on the hat makes you look stylish while protecting you from the sun. Made from soft Polyester and stretch fabric, this hat is good for sheltering the sun while maintaining adequate comfort for all-day wear. back that exudes extreme breathability on the road during hot days. It also features an adjustable snap closure for custom fit.
The fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable. The hat is strong and textured.
It is simple and not deformed with sunshade and sand, It is durable and has good heat resistance.
The top of the hat is reinforced, and the front of the hat is lined with a sponge composite layer. It is comfortable to wear and has an encrypted PC net at the back of the hat.
It has good ventilation function, natural comfort and breathability, light and dry. Adjustable double-breasted design on the back, free to adjust the size of the cap, suitable for many people to wear.
Practicality, suitable for spring, summer and autumn, not sultry, light and easy to change, easy to carry, stylish hat type, long-lasting silhouette.
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