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Mouchao Cranberry Waterproof Case Portable Hand Bag Suitcase for DJI Spark Drone

von Mouchao
Preisvergleich Produktbild Mouchao Cranberry Waterproof Case Portable Hand Bag Suitcase for DJI Spark Drone
1.Two Carrying Way: handle / shoulder bag
2.High Capacity: you can store the Drone DJI and most accessories (Spark x1, driver x1, battery x2, charger x1, propellers, charger, cable
and other accessories
3.High Quality: Made of eco-friendly EVA foam and 1680D Nylon material, strong high density, would not crush the drone and accessories
, protects your DJI spark and accessories from scratches, bumps and splashes
4.Portable and lightweight: designed with comfortable grip and shoulder strap, easy to carry your Drone and outdoor accessories
and enjoy them anywhere and anytime.
5.Suit for DJI Spark Drone

1.This bag comes with high quality.
2.It is convenient for you to bring your drone safely everywhere you go.
3.It is a necessary for RC fans.

Name: Suitcase for DJI Spark Drone
Suitable for: Suit for DJI Spark Drone
Material: EVA foam and 1680D Nylon
Backpack Size: 320 * 253 * 105mm

... may be some deviation due to manual measurement.

Package information:
Package size: 325 * 257 * 110mm / 12.80 * 10.12 * 4.33 in
Package weight: 749g / 1.7lb
Polybag package

Package list:
1 * Bag
1 * Bag Accessories
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