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Garden Games 524 - Fun Day Racing - Erwachsene Sporttag Satz Spiel

von Garden Games Limited
Preisvergleich Produktbild Garden Games 524 - Fun Day Racing - Erwachsene Sporttag Satz Spiel
Garden Games Limited
Garden Games Funday Racing is a fantastic quality compendium of School Sports day favourites. Funday Racing includes egg and spoon race, sack race, three legged race and bean bags all together in one handy carry bag. Our Sports Day Set is no flimsy thing either each item has been carefully designed and perfected so our set will last you through many sensational summer fun days at home or out and about. All you need to add to this fantastic sports day set is some players - everything else is included. The 4 wooden eggs and spoons offer the great fun balance race game see if you can beat your friends by balancing your wooden egg on the carved spoon as you race to the winning line. For added challenge you can add fun rules such as drop the egg restart the race. Three legged ankle straps promote team spirit or at least high spirits as you attempt to make your way quickly down the course while strapped at the ankle to your team mate. The bean bag race combines steadiness with silliness as players compete to get to the finish line first without the bean bags falling off their heads. Or if you want a bit more challenge and a little less running the bean bags can be used to play a target throwing game. Sack racing involves jumping down the course in your adult sized hessian sack; quite the feat and hard to keep going at speed without toppling forward on to the ground. Last but not least the whistle for those who would rather umpire and keep the rest of the players on the straight and narrow also great for starting the race and declaring the winner. Funday Racing can be played by individuals or is great as a team sport. Funday Racing race games are great on their own but, are even better mixed up into challenges. There is really no stopping the fun with this set.
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