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YubiKey NEO with Fidesmo

von Fidesmo
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The YubiKey NEO with Fidesmo is a beautiful piece of hardware with a USB interface on one end and a small NFC antenna in the base. Made out of durable plastic it won't break when dropped. Instead it'll give away the luxurious sound of a poker chip; that's how premium the hardware is. However, it is the software of the YubiKey NEO with Fidesmo that is truly marvelous. Out-of-the-box you can use the pre-installed U2F app to log in to all FIDO alliance U2F supporting services. Among others that means close to effortless two-factor login to your Google account when using Chrome on Windows, Linux, OS X and Android. With the pre-installed OTP app you can add a hardware security layer to most other services that support two-factor authentication. With the pre-installed PGP app you can store your private encryption key for all your communication directly on the device. This enables you to encrypt emails, messages and files before sending them to others! The device is also Fidesmo enabled which means that you can install new apps to it, update the installed apps and even develop your own apps! Please note that in order to install the Ledger Unplugged applet, it is necessary to remove one of the preinstalled ones. PIV applet not preinstalled on the device.
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