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Garnier Belle Colour Intense Dark Brown 3

von Belle Color
Preisvergleich Produktbild Garnier Belle Colour Intense Dark Brown 3
Belle Color
This Pack Contains1 applicator bottle of Developer Milk 60 ml e1 Color-Ease Gel Créme Tube 40 ml e1 sachet of Nutritive Conditioner Créme 20 ml e1 instruction leaflet1 pair of glovesColor-ease cremeNatural-looking result- Covers 100% of grey hair- Enriched with jojoba and wheatgerm oil- Permanent colour - 20 minutesWhat makes Garnier Belle Color so differentColour so natural you just can't go wrongWhile some permanent colourants may give a very uniform colour. Garnier Belle Color gives you natural-looking multi-tonal colour.HowIts unique formula works with, and reflects, tones and highlights in your natural hair colour, covering 100% of grey hair.The Nutritive Conditioner Creme protects your hair against dryness, leaving it feeling incredibly soft and natural to the touch.Natural-looking results - so easy, time after timeIts unique creme formula is easily applied to your whole head at once, like a shampoo. It is non-drip and works in just 20 minutes.Hair that feels so natural to the touchEnriched with jojoba and wheatgerm oils, its conditioning formula cares for your hair, protecting it against dryness.What results can you expect with Garnier Belle ColorNo Semi-permanent colourant: washes out in 6-8 shampoos.No non-permanent colourant: lasts 6-8 weeksYes permanent colourant: permanent colour result.Is Garnier Belle Color for meYES, if you want natural-looking permanent colour.YES, if you want to cover 100% of grey hair.YES, if you want to lighten, darken or enhance your natural hair colour.YES, if you want a simple shampoo-in formula that works in just 20 minutes.See all
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