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Bamboo Jane tooth paste Bamboo leaf Flavor 200g bamboo Jane Big tooth paste

von WJY
Preisvergleich Produktbild Bamboo Jane tooth paste Bamboo leaf Flavor 200g bamboo Jane Big tooth paste
The characteristics of bamboo salt
The bamboo salt has a long history of 1000 years in South korea, Because of its unique technology, it has incomparable magical effect.
Unique development process:First of all, three years of bamboo, Cut a section of bamboo;And from South Korea on the West coast, Solar salt mineral rich in bamboo, Burn with pine for 24 hours;The process of calcination was repeated eight times (about 1000 degrees), In the ninth calcination, turpentine was added as fuel, Increase the temperature to 1500 degrees to melt the salt;Crush molten salt blocks after melting, After the screening, so thoroughly tempered into finished bamboo salt.
1, The king of detoxification
Bamboo salt contains natural sulfur and turpentine, Neutralize, Dissolve heavy metal toxins in the body.In addition, The bamboo salt of far infrared radiation detoxification.Bamboo salt inflammation, Antibacterial ability can be said to be unmatched by other food additives;Bamboo salt can quickly, Eradicate human toxins thoroughly, Pure blood, Purify the body;Bamboo salt can completely solve the problem of constipation.
2, Balance body
The bamboo salt not only rich in mineral content, Moreover, trace elements are comprehensively balanced, And exist in a natural and reasonable structure, It is especially helpful for the whole body to absorb;Bamboo salt is strongly alkaline food materials, Can regulate the acid-base balance in the human body;Bamboo salt can strengthen the osmotic pressure function, Help restore order of human metabolism, Aid digestion, Drainage aid, Nutrient input, Activate the vitality of the human body.
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