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Air Utopia - F-14 Tomcat Cockpit View

Preisvergleich Produktbild Air Utopia - F-14 Tomcat Cockpit View
Are you ready to go where few have gone before Join AirUtopia onboard an F-14 during a real wartime mission! Enjoy low level flights over desert and mountain terrain from carrier takeoff to carrier landing!This is no airline and there won't be any in flight serve but you'll get there a lot faster in this cockpit!!! Hang on for the ride of your life as AirUtopia takes you for a journey across the deserts of the Middle East - just you and the crew! THIS VIDEO HAS RARE AIR-TO-AIR FOOTAGE! It's an honor to be able to be a part of American naval aviation history and this live action war footage is brought to you from the eyes of a fighter pilot with this newly declassified look over the battlefields of the Gulf War.Experience an F-14 Tomcat during taxi and taking off and experience barrel rolls, in flight refueling from a KC-135 and KA-6 Intruder and touch and go carrier landings all while listening to the live audio. This DVD is a must for all military fans - you'll see and feel what only a few brave pilots have actually experienced!Run time 70 MinsISBN 1-932544-09-7
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