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Aluminum Welding Methods by ALCOA (DVD)

Preisvergleich Produktbild Aluminum Welding Methods by ALCOA (DVD)
Please note: The original black and white 16 mm film used to make this DVD was timeless in its information and methodology. The content offered is such a smooth and clean method of instruction that we didn't want to replace them with our own efforts, so we had the film cleaned and restored at a preservation house, and then digitally re-mastered in DVD format. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the information on this film as much as we did.This film covers basic production oxy-fuel welding with both hydrogen and acetylene, with torch settings, joint setup, mixing the flux, and basic technique. Methods for both thin and thick sections are shown. Shows proper preheat and postheat methods for heavy sections, and proper edge beveling and gapping also. An excellent resource. Being as old as it is, it also details stick welding, carbon arc, atomic hydrogen, and spot welding methods and machines. You can learn a lot about these methods, which are probably not shown much anywhere else. Spot welding is used mainly for aviation construction and the details in this film are quite specific, going over all three machine types. Rare and useful information! Kent still uses the D.C. current stick welding method on heavy sections of aluminum plate. Black and white with loads of colorful information. Copyright 1941, 33 minutes, black and white. Universal DVD.
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