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Aquaponic Basics

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Discover how to literally get your feet and hands wet for very little money and reap the priceless benefits of vibrant health. This DVD provides instructions on how to build your own inexpensive aquaponics system and how to start growing produce and fish organically. By combining hydroponics and aquaculture anyone can enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle of eating affordable super foods. Aquaponic Basics invites you to participate in a $5 Billion dollar industry. Tilapia is in the top 5 of US seafood menu items and growing in popularity. The demand for high quality organically grown food has skyrocketed in recent years. You will discover the secrets to saving money on your grocery bill by raising great tasting fish and harvesting organic vegetables at home. There are many ways that you can begin an exciting and rewarding career in this new science that embraces the sustainable living techniques of hydroponics and aquaculture. Anyone can start his or her own business in their spare time raising tilapia and organic produce. Chapter 1 - Step by Step Guide To Build A System Chapter 2 - Learn About the Nitrogen Cycle Chapter 3 - Bernoulli's Principal / How Bell Siphons Work Chapter 4 - Water Quality Management Chapter 5 - How to plant for a year round perpetual harvest of super foods. Chapter 6 - Grow lights & Pumps Chapter 7 - Organic Pest Control Secrets Chapter 8 - How to germinate seeds Chapter 9 - Taking Action Bonus Feature - Fishless Cycling Secrets
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