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Aquarium DVD - Tropical Aquarium XXL - 2 Hours of Colorful Corals & Fishes

Preisvergleich Produktbild Aquarium DVD - Tropical Aquarium XXL - 2 Hours of Colorful Corals & Fishes
A GREAT VARIETY OF FISH TANK MOVIES... Perfect for a relaxing evening at home or as a unique eye-catcher during a party or in a public space. With six different fish tank movies divided over two discs and a great variety of audio options to choose from, you will always create the perfect ambiance. 1. TROPICAL SEA AQUARIUM Enjoy the colourful, small fish dart through a stunning coral rock. 2. NIGHT AQUARIUM Watch a magical spectacle of bright coloured fish and corals against a deep black background. 3. CORAL AQUARIUM The soft waving corals in all kinds of shapes and corals and the small fish that are searching for food provide a calming ambiance. 4. RED SEA AQUARIUM Take a deep dive into the Red Sea and discover rare species of fish and spherical corals. 5. SOFT CORAL AQUARIUM Join the beautiful yellow tang and blue tang fish gliding through soft waving corals. 6. TROPICAL REEF AQUARIUM Enjoy a tropical aquarium full of colourful fish and a stunning coral reef in the background. SOUNDTRACK... All tracks can be played with calming piano music, ocean sounds or aquarium bubbles. QUALITY... The aquariums are filmed high quality professional cameras, to turn your TV into a spectacular aquarium. All tracks last 20 minutes before repeating automatically or use the Play All function.
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