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Australian Story: Black Caviar

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never has an Australian racehorse captured the British public's imagination like wondermare Black caviar, the best sprinter in the world, and this two-part documentary gives a unique insight into the unbeaten superstar of racing.Part one - Australian story: Black Caviar, discover how this incredible horse has transformed the lives of everyone involved in her day-to-day life, and meet her trainers, jockeys, owners, breeder and grooms. Follow the exciting build-up to the mare's fourteenth race, which saw her equal Australian legend Phar Lap's record.AustrAliAn story:Part two - Black caviar: To Set Before A Queen, follows the mare's training in the lead up to Royal Ascot, where she raced in front of the Queen. Still unbeaten after 21 races, Black Caviar took on Europe's best at Royal Ascot to win yet again. The programme includes stunning footage of Black Caviar as a foal, from taking her first steps to her successes on the racetrack, and viewers are even treated to a virtual ride on the racing superstar.Whether you're a racing enthusiast or not, you'll be truly moved by this mare's incredible story. There's never been one like her before and there may never be again. Black Caviar, a true legend in the racing world.
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