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B&R No. 170 - Steam Still At Work No. 2 Dvd (Steam Scene on British Railways After August 1968) B&R Video Productions

Preisvergleich Produktbild B&R No. 170 - Steam Still At Work No. 2 Dvd (Steam Scene on British Railways After August 1968) B&R Video Productions
B & R No. 170 - Steam Still At Work No. 2 Dvd After August 1968. 1968 to 1971, 4472 'Flying Scotsman' was only steam loco. permitted on main line a number of tours are featured. We begin 11 August 1968 with last steam hauled train on BR, '15 Guinea Special' here double-headed by Black 5s on S&C sombre views of last steam locos at Carnforth. Autumn 1968 we visit Severn Valley Keighley & Worth Valley Rlys for early preservation scenes 4472 on ECML. A maritime interlude for rare footage of paddle steamers on BR owned Humber ferry! Wallingford & Cholsey line for steam with GWSs 1466 auto-trailer. Longmoor Military Rly views of blue 0-6-0ST 'Errol Lonsdale' 2-8-0 'Gordon' in use. Tyseley Open Day 'Clun Castle' 'Kolhapur' on shuttles with 4472 arriving on M/L. A number of steam whistles on display! In France, steam was still in everyday use, SNCF 141Rs on rail tours service trains. UK for 4472 on 'Yorkshire Harvester' train Kings Cross to York visit to old York Museum. Bath Road Depot Open Day steam visitors electric loco AL4 E3044! Bulmer's at Hereford to see newly restored No.6000 'King George V' pulling their Pullman train. Bury depot 5596 'Bahamas' despite ban its transfer trip (in steam) along BR lines to new home at Dinting! Northamptonshire for industrial workings in quarries, steelworks special trains. 1968 of KWVR Bluebell Rly. Bressingham Gardens, a 'caged' 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' cab rides scenes of narrow gauge lines. More 4472 tours: Midland, ECML, Ely March. Finsbury Park Shed narrator is seen cleaning 4472's nameplate! Finally a few visits in 1969 to Dinting, KWVR (for a glimpse of unrestored 46115 'Scots Guardsman'), Bluebell Rly lastly newly reopened Dart Valley Rly for auto-trains with 'engines in the middle'.
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