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B-25 Mitchell Bomber WW2 Old Films Pacific War Mission Over Wewak DVD by AAF

Preisvergleich Produktbild B-25 Mitchell Bomber WW2 Old Films Pacific War Mission Over Wewak DVD by AAF
This DVD is about the incredible North American B-25 Mitchell . 1st Film: Mission over Wewak. This is a great film created by the AAF about a mission in the Pacific war over a Japanese airbase that needed to blasted before they attacked the Americans bases. This is about an early morning raid that caught the Japanese Airforce on the ground and damaged over 200 of there planes. lots of great footage of the B-25. Amazing stuff and a great piece of history. Runtime 15:02 Min's 2nd Film: Gasoline Outpost. This is a film from Shell Oil Co. on how to refuel a B-25 in a forward hidden Airbase. This one of those rare films that no one ever sees today and was used as a training film on how to refuel and not get detected by the Japanese in dangerous teritory.. Runtime 12:10 Min's 3rd Film: Mission over N. Africa. This is a film from the US Army Air Forces about the early war in North Africa. This film explains how to destroy Rommels Africa Corps and the Luftwaffe over Africa. Also has B-17s with the B-25s as they carry out the raid. Runtime 20:06 Min's 4th Film: More B-25 Newsreels. Runtime about 20:32 Min's. 5th Film: Winged Artillery. This about the 47th and the 48th Bomber Group in the Pacific using the B-25H, which was modified to carry the large 75mm canon in it's nose. Runtime about 19:53 Min's. 6th Film: ID the B-25 vs JU-87 and JU-88. This was an Army film to show folks how to tell the difference between 2 German aircraft, The Stuka JU-87 and the JU-88 Bomber by comparing it to the B-25 Mitchell. Really great stuff. Runtime 11:02 Mins.We are a small American family business, (mostly father & son), that collect old films. Our goal is to save old films from the trash heap and digitize them in HD for future generations to enjoy. We hope you'll enjoy our work too.
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