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Basic Winemaking: Introduction to Wine Kits by James Spencer

Preisvergleich Produktbild Basic Winemaking: Introduction to Wine Kits by James Spencer
Making Wine with Kits - Simplified Through the wide variety of wine kits available today, wine lovers can make world-class wines in their own homes and save money at the same time. Wine kits are convenient and easy to use, but if you have never made one, the process can be intimidating. In this DVD, James Spencer and Steve Wilkes, hosts of the Basic Brewing and Basic Winemaking podcasts, take you through the wine kit steps from beginning to end, sharing tips along the way that they have learned over years of making wine, beer and mead at home. You will learn about equipment, cleaning and sanitization, fermentation, clarifying and stabilizing, and bottling. Bonus Section: Wine for the Beer Guy In a special section geared toward the beer lover and wine novice, James and Steve talk about ways to approach the task of learning about wine from the ground up.
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