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Beautiful Women of China by Xia Lu, Tao Hong Gong Li

Preisvergleich Produktbild Beautiful Women of China by Xia Lu,  Tao Hong Gong Li
Ju Dou- a dark, sensual and visually sumptuous drama, ju dou centers on the wife of a wealthy silk dyer (gong li) in 1920's china. Ju Dou is tortured by her husband and attracts the sympathy of her husband's nephew. The two begin an affair that could lead to tragedy. Endless way- Endless Way follows the hardship of ah ming. Forced into marriage with a young girl, he must forsake his true love, Ah Shui (Xia Lu). Unable to cope with the harsh life, his wife leaves him, allowing Ah Shui to step forth and care for Ah Ming and his ailing mother. Life show- adapted from Chi Li's famous novel, Life Show tells the story of Lai Shuang Yang (Tao Hong), who runs a small restaurant in shanghai. After her mother dies, Lai cares for her nephew, struggles to keep her brother away from drugs and tries to regain possession of the family home that was lost during the cultural revolution.
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