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bee bright - Out & About on the Farm - Mighty Machines! - Justin Fletcher by Justin Fletcher

Preisvergleich Produktbild bee bright - Out & About on the Farm - Mighty Machines! - Justin Fletcher by Justin Fletcher
Join Buzz and Fizz as they visit the countryside and discover some of the biggest and most exciting machines on the farm! Narrated by CBeebies superstar JUSTIN FLETCHER, this is the ultimate DVD for children who love farms and farm machines - and with OVER 2 HOURS of high-quality live-action footage it is also fantastic value! This entertaining and educational DVD explains all about the different jobs that need to be done on the farm, and shows how all the machines work. There are 3 full-length programmes to enjoy: MUCKY MACHINES! Visit a huge dairy farm where the 600 cows produce over thirty tonnes of slurry a day! Discover the different ways that farmers deal with all this muck, from traditional manure spreaders to the latest satellite-controlled slurry injectors. There are also lots of tractors and diggers - but don't forget to wear your wellies!! INCREDIBLE COMBINES! Watch the world's biggest and smallest combine harvesters hard at work, and find out what happens to the grain back at the farm. See a range of combines as they harvest different crops including maize, oil seed rape, and beans. Watch the farmer fixing his combine, and see how wheat was harvested over a hundred years ago. MOWERS & BALERS Find out about the incredible machines farmers use to make and gather their hay and straw, including the world's biggest mower, different kinds of baler, a bale wrapping machine, and even an amazing automated big-bale stacker! There are also lots and lots of tractors! View trailers and extracts on YOUTUBE search for bee bright farm
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