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Buenos Aires / The Tango - One Hundred Years (English Version) [DVD+CD]

Preisvergleich Produktbild Buenos Aires / The Tango - One Hundred Years (English Version) [DVD+CD]
This DVD briefly recounts the history of the tango, the music immediately associated with the city of Buenos Aires. By listening to representative songs interpreted by well-known artists of today, we trace the history of the tango during its first 100 years. We marvel at the intricate steps of this sensuous dance as we see it performed on the street and in more formal locations. The history starts with a few verses of Martín Fierro and ends with Piazzolla's exciting variations of the tango theme. Songs interpreted are La Morocha, Mi Noche Triste, El Caminito, El Carretero, Por una Cabeza, El Choclo, Cambalache, A Media Luz, La Cumparsita, Libertango, and Mi Buenos Aires Querido.Our foreign language DVD productions include a Data CD complete with student script and teacher booklet with questions, exercises and tests. The CD also includes the foreign language and English narration so that students can study independently.Each foreign language visual is also available in a Spanish version (sold separately) which can be used at the elementary foreign language level.Our company specializes in foreign language videos at different levels for the study of the target language. At the same time, students learn about history, geography, festivals - always important aspects of studying a foreign language.
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