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Canon 7dii mark 2 Crash Course Training Tutorial DVD / Made for Beginners! by Michael Andrew

Preisvergleich Produktbild Canon 7dii mark 2 Crash Course Training Tutorial DVD / Made for Beginners! by Michael Andrew
Award winning instructor and professional wedding photographer Michael Andrew takes us on a step-by-step tour of the Canon 7dii mark 2 in this limited edition training DVD video. Michael Andrew's unique approach simplifies SLR digital photography and shows students how to use simple techniques to take amazing photographs. Michael blends technical competence with artistic fundamentals in this truly unique training DVD. If you own a Canon 7dii mark 2 and are looking to improve your photographic skills or aren't exactly sure how everything works....this is the DVD for you! Run time is approximately 4 Hours and 20 minutes. Included Lessons- Michael's FULL Photography School!: Digital Photography Crash Course, including: Exposure Lesson Shutter Speed Lessons Aperture Lessons Depth of Field Lessons ISO Complete Composition Lessons- 11 in all Digital Greenhouse Compression Encryption Histograms Lens Crash Course What to do if not enough light Lighting Crash Course. Portrait Crash course Sensor Cleaning What's In Michael's Bag Free Access to Michaels Online video lessons and homework, including updates. Canon 7DMKii Lessons Set Up Button Review Mode Dial How to Focus Custom Set Up All Basic Modes All Creative Modes LCD Review Advanced Operation Exposure Compensation Exposure Lock Operation Metering Modes White Balance Extensive menu guide Built in Flash Screen Interface Operaton Exclusive NEW Lessons!! 7dii Live View Focus Modes! 7Dii mark 2Flash Transmitter Guide! Video History and Terms, including FPS, Resolution & Interlaced vs Progressive Scan! Video Shooting with the Canon 7dii mark 2 & Workflow! And Much More!!
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