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Care Essentials: Vital Signs Plus

Preisvergleich Produktbild Care Essentials: Vital Signs Plus
Filmed on-location in a long term care facility, Dr. Debra Wertheimer, does "resident roundswith nursing assistants, emphasizing the importance of the information they provide to the health care team. After taking vital signs and checking on the resident, the team discusses the importance of the information gathered and the observations. The information gathering begins when a nursing assistant enters a resident's room. During a morning greeting, the nursing assistant can quickly determine if there's been a sudden change in the resident's cognitive or emotional status. Even body position and facial expression provide information which can indicate pain. Vital signs are key information for the health care team and sudden changes should be reported immediately. Questions such as: "did you sleep well last nightor "are you in any painshould always be asked, as they can help identify problems that may not be revealed through vital signs alone. Some additional signs of potential problems include: loss of appetite; change in functional status; and change in mobility. Skin must also be checked for pressure sores, ulcers and tears. Most importantly, the nursing assistant must know the residents they care for every day. They are the key experts who will be able to pick up on the changes they observe, and the entire team depends on this input.
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