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Center Stage [DVD] by Amanda Schull

Preisvergleich Produktbild Center Stage [DVD] by Amanda Schull
Directed by Nicholas Hynter, whose theatrical background provided a magnificent debut with The Madness of King George , Center Stage is a drama set in the hugely competitive and pressured world of a New York Ballet company. By no means breaking any new ground, Hynter's movie dusts down the all-too-familiar staples of the likes of Fame and A Chorus Line and gives them a glamorous, energetic update. Fans of those classic Backstage movies can expect, and duly receive, all the usual clichés: the domineering stage mother; the dancer who risks health for success; the arrogant male lead dancer; the struggling newcomer; the imperious teacher; even the last-minute injury. Yet, like a guilty pleasure, it's hard not to enjoy Hynter's realistic and reverential glimpse of this ruthless, demanding world, never succumbing to overt soapy theatrics and filled with impressive dance sequences. While not as exuberant as Fame, it's still a fun, if depthless, look at the world of Ballet. On The DVD: Hynter's commentary, while not brimming with technical detail or thrilling anecdote, allows him to expound on this particularly demanding profession, as well as his personal recollections of theatrical life. While the two deleted scenes are forgettable, Dance fans will enjoy the five extended performance sequences, while a making-of featurette and Mandy Moore video round off a slight package. --Danny Graydon
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