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CMA Combat Fitness 2: Partner Training by Craig Sira

Preisvergleich Produktbild CMA Combat Fitness 2: Partner Training by Craig Sira
You are not just getting in shape but learning self defense. In this DVD, CMA Combat Fitness 2 Partner Training, you will train with a partner. Partner training adds more fun to the workout plus you can both encourage each other to reach new heights. Continue to drill in practical techniques such as palm strikes, elbows, knees and the double thumb eye gouge that have a proven track record in self protection confrontations. This DVD can be practiced solo in the air or on a heavy bag. To get the most out of this DVD you will need pads to strike and a medicine ball. No martial art training is necessary to learn and train with this DVD. An appendix is included that will provide you with tips on being a good training partner. So put on some motivating music and join us for a true self protection workout.
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