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Door to Heaven: 5 Uplifting Vintage Short Subjects, 1948-1954

Preisvergleich Produktbild Door to Heaven: 5 Uplifting Vintage Short Subjects,  1948-1954
This collection of religious films was created to uplift and inspire. The first two entries, produced by the Scriptures Visualized Institute, were created and dedicated to the audio-visual spreading of the gospel. The two short subjects which follow are from the TV series The Living Bible, which dramatizes the life of Christ in 24 episodes. In the final installment in this collection, Whither Thou Goest, contemporary Christians (circa 1948) find answers in the Scriptures to the crisis they face today. The Door To Heaven (1951):More than we realize, doors are an important part of many major human transitions. But the most important door of all is the Door To Heaven. Although many paths are professed by mankind, there is but one true path of entry into Heaven. A Tree Of God's Planting (1954): The tree with its steady, silent constant growth, its sturdiness, its ability to provide fruit for others, can serve as a guide for mankind's spiritual growth. Jesus Heals The Man Born Blind (1952): Jesus encounters a beggar who has been sightless from birth. Explaining that the man is not blind as a punishment for past sins, but so that the Lord might demonstrate his majesty through him, Jesus performs a miracle and restores the man's sight. The Upper Room (1952): Jesus instructs his disciples to find a house in which they can celebrate the Passover feast. He teaches his followers a lesson in humility by washing every man's feet. Whither Thou Goest (1948): A young couple who want to wed but find themselves blocked, find comfort in the Biblical Story Of Ruth.
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