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Experience, vol. 3 [FR Import]

Preisvergleich Produktbild Experience,  vol. 3 [FR Import]
Frankreich Edition, PAL/Region 0 DVD: TON: Englisch ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), Französisch ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), Stummfilm ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), Englisch ( Untertitel ), Französisch ( Untertitel ), BONUSMATERIAL: Bilden Von, Szene Zugang, Teaser(s), Wechselwirkendes Menü, SYNOPSIS: ***WARNING***Films are Silent, except "Silence is Golden" - English audio & French subtitles; "Raymond" & "Hydromatopoetikon" - French audio & English subtitles; "Pink Punk: Yapolitical" - English audio*** The Tale of How (2006) Nine months of part time work gave birth to The Blackheart Gang's acclaimed short film. Face (2007) Trapped in a narrow box, a man undergoes a series of experiments. Silence is Golden (2006) An earlier short film from director Chris Shepherd, a groundbreaking hybrid-animation. Apnea (Apnée) (2006) In this paparazzi revenge fantasy, a photographer tries to capture an embarrassing moment in the life of a celebrity. Raymond (2007) The story of a lowly swimming instructor from Douche les Mines and his quest to swim with whales. Hydromatopoetikon (2006) Nature and rhythm bender project from Bergen percussionist... 458NM (2006) 458 nm invites us into a robotic universe where love is reinvented. Pink Punk: Yapolitical (2006) Pink Punk's debut video Yapolitical, which is taken from Pink Punk's debut album "Zoo Politics". Gardens by the Bay (2006) Development of the design ideas behind the winning entry to the landscape architecture competition in Singapore. Leviathan (2006) Jerky but smiling characters take the audience through an animated pageant. Sound Mirrors (2006) Beautifully animated piece to go along with an instrumental track that invites you to let it wash over you ...Experiences 03 - Némo Film Festival 2007 ( The Tale of How / Face / Silence is Golden / Apnée / Raymond / Hydromatopoetikon / 458NM / Pink Punk: Yapolitical / G
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