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In 1997, the Union of European Football Associations (EUFA) put an ultimatum to the State of Israel obliging her to start a women's soccer league as a condition for allowing the Israeli men's soccer teams to participate in international tournaments.Two weeks later a women's league was founded in Israel.The Hapoel Tel Aviv soccer club was the first to start a women's team.FORERUNNERS is the story of three Israeli women - Salwa, a young Arab, Ina a new immigrant and Sylvie, Israel's only international soccer star - and their shared dream of public recognition for playing professional soccer in the Holy Land.Our story begins in the winter of 2001 with the story of these three young women.21-year-old Salwa Amsis, a Christian Arab from Ramleh living her father's dream by becoming a soccer player while paying a heavy social price for it.28-year-old Sylvie Jean is regarded the renaldo of women's soccer in Israel after starring on a Norwegian professional team considered the best in the world, only to return to Israel four years later to a family tragedy.26-year-old Inna Diditch, moved to Israel from the Ukraine, leaving behind her grandmother who raised her and searching for a place in Israeli society while supporting herself on temporary jobs to continue playing soccer.The girls' only fan, Gili Sela, a special 21-year-oldyoung man, accompanies the girls and fights to save the women's league.This season will determine if the dream of these women will become reality, or whether reality will dictate otherwise.This film is in Hebrew with English subtitles.
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