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Forgotten Tune For The Flute (Ruscico) (DVD NTSC)

Preisvergleich Produktbild Forgotten Tune For The Flute (Ruscico) (DVD NTSC)
A flutist in the forgotten past, at present the husband of a "big man's" daughter and head of one of the Chief Directorate's sections felt unwell one day: the forty-year-old man had a pain in his heart. This unpleasant incident provided an opportunity to meet a nurse named Lida. However, their stormy love affair ended, with Filimonov returning to normal life and an unloved wife. This late-1980s cult film demonstrates the perfect balance of the lyrical and the comical that makes one feel like watching Ryazanov's best features again and again. No less admirable is the skill with which the master of national cinema ("Garage", "Irony of Fate...", "An Office Romance") is conducting an impressive ensemble of stars (Leonid Filatov, Tatiana Dogileva, Irina Kupchenko, Valentin Gaft, Alexander Shirvindt, Alexander Pankratov-Chyorny, Yelena Mayorova, etc.) Bonus: Interview with actress Irina Kupchenko; Filmographies; Photo album
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