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Frank Beamer: Punt Return and Kickoff Coverage Packages (DVD) by Nike Coach of the Year Clinics

Preisvergleich Produktbild Frank Beamer: Punt Return and Kickoff Coverage Packages (DVD) by Nike Coach of the Year Clinics
with Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech Head Coach; 7x Conference Champions (3 Big East and 4 ACC titles); 5x Conference Coach of the Year (3 Big East and 2 ACC awards); 1999 AP and AFCA National Coach of the Year; led Virginia Tech to an undefeated season in 1999; over 250 career wins; longest tenured football coach in FBS Make Special Teams important in your program! Frank Beamer Beamer and Virginia Tech have long been known for their special teams' excellence. Coach Beamer has become the winningest active and longest tenured football coach in FBS by holding true to his principals and beliefs that the fastest way to win is winning through special teams. Special Teams Philosophy In this DVD, Coach Beamer shares his special teams philosophy and shares the ways that special teams have been successful for him and his teams. Beamer believes that the punt return team is the most important part of his team. He portrays this in practice, so his team understands it's importance. Punt Return One of the most explosive plays in football is the punt return. Coach Beamer shows multiple punt return and punt block schemes against the popular shield spread punt. However, these concepts can be adapted to any scheme you will see this fall. Kickoff Coverage Coach Beamer's kickoff coverage will enable your best athlete's to make plays while minimizing return yardage. He discusses how he sets up his kickoff team and its base responsibilities and rules and how to maintain proper leverage at all times. Beamer then goes on to explain how to adjust the kickoff alignment based on what the kickoff return team is trying to do. Coaches at all levels can improve their special teams by incorporating elements Beamer Ball into their program. Produced at the 2013 Louisville (KY) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic. 55 minutes. 2013.
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