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Fulani: Art and Life of a Nomadic People

Preisvergleich Produktbild Fulani: Art and Life of a Nomadic People
The Fulani are a diverse people who live across west Africa from Dakar to Lake Chad. They herd cattle, sheep, goats and camels, and live from the milk from their cows. They create very beautiful art, including hairstyles, dress, mats, architecture, song, music and dance. This video features three Fulani peoples: the Gowabe, Jelgobe, and Wodaabe. The video includes scenes of daily life, interiors and exteriors of their homes, cattle, milking, making butter, weaving mats, and the spectacular dances of the Wodaabe Fulani in Niger, the Geerewal and the Ruume. Young men paint their faces red with clay and butter, and put on beautiful costumes of beads, white cloth, and ostrich feathers. They dance in long lines to show off their sex appeal. The competitions are judged by beautiful young women from the opposite clan, and the winners' names are remembered for years to come.
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