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Gemstone Crystal & Chakra DVD w 35 Page Digital Users Manual - Healing with Life Force Energy

Preisvergleich Produktbild Gemstone Crystal & Chakra DVD w 35 Page Digital Users Manual - Healing with Life Force Energy
For thousands of years, many cultures have recognized that all human beings have an energy field surrounding their body that is directly connected to their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It was also believed that crystals, gemstones, and energetic healing rituals could help restore balance to this system.In this video, Kim Hansen, a Reiki Master who has been healing with crystals for 10 years, introduces aspiring energy workers to the many aspects f this type of healing. She will first introduce the human energy field (aura), the chakra system, crystals and gemstones, and then guide the practitioner on preparing themselves, their workspace, and the client for a healing session that can be completed alone, or in combination with a massage of any type.When addressing the equipment needed to perform energetic and gemstone healing, Kim discusses the vocabulary used, the qualities of energetic crystals and stones, their specific application, and the appropriate usage. Techniques are shown to balance the chakras, relieve headaches, and clear the body of stagnant energy. Finally, in the video's bonus material, 3 more techniques are addressed in the form of grids, pendulums, and wands.The 35 page digital manual expands upon all of the concepts listed above, and goes to a greater depth of explaining the history of energetic work utilizing semi-precious gemstones, as well as a full explanation as to how they relate to the chakra system. It is electronically downloaded (we provide you with the link) so that you can save / print / share it at will. You will also have access to 6 other digital manuals at no extra charge. Format DVD. Length 40min.
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