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Globe Trekker: Panama & Colombia by Megan McCormick

Preisvergleich Produktbild Globe Trekker: Panama & Colombia by Megan McCormick
Colombia is the only country in South America that borders both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Panama to its north shares the same distinction as well as being the narrowest country in Central America. Globe Trekker Megan McCormick visits Colombia and Panama, countries that are still refreshingly untouched by mass tourism. Her first stop is Panama's lively capital, Panama City, where she takes in the sights, samples street food and shops for a Panama hat. Then she ventures outside of the city to the famous Panama Canal which links the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and plays a crucial part in the Panamanian economy. Megan's next stop is the 'Comarca' of Kuna Yala in the San Blas archipelago, a semi autonomous region belonging to one of Panama's main indigenous groups, the Kuna. Her journey continues in Colombia's capital Bogota, where she explores the country's violent past and connection to the cocaine trade. From Bogota she travels to the beautiful and historic city of Cartagena, taking in the colonial charm and enjoying Vallenato, one of Colombia's most popular rhythms. The last leg of her journey begins in the town of Santa Marta where she treks into the jungle with archaeologist Santiago Giraldo to find a Lost City perched on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Along the Way... Meet the Armani of bullet proof clothing in Bogota, Colombia. Learn the truth about the Panama hat. Spend the night with a Kuna family in the San Blas archipelago. Visit the Pablo Escobar exhibit at the Bogota Police museum.
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