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Preisvergleich Produktbild Hello Again [UK Import]

Hello Again [UK Import]

Lucy Chadman (Shelley Long of Outrageous Fortune and TV's Cheers) comes to an untimely end while nibbling on an Oriental chicken ball... but says HELLO AGAIN when her wacky, mystical sister Zelda (Judith Ivey) brings her back from the great beyond. Only one year has passed but oh, how things have changed. Lucy's miraculous return creates laugh-filled pandemonium with everyone she re-encounters... especially with her upwardly mobile husband (Corbin Bernsen of TV's L.A. Law), who is now wed to her "former" best friend. Suddenly solo, Lucy must piece together a new life - in a riotous odyssey that bewitches her ex-husband... and bewitches both press and public alike!

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