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I Have A Lathe, Now What (Using the Wood Lathe) DVD

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As a full time professional demonstrator on one of the largest woodworking circuits in America and Canada, I hear this question over 100 times in an average weekend! I have prepared an easy to understand How-To DVD 1 hour and 12 minutes long, just for you. Everything you need to know to get started off right is covered including actual practice exercises. Chapter Titles include: Tool ID and Uses, Lathe Parts, Chucks, Practice Exercises for turning coves and beads, roughing down with a spindle roughing gouge and a skew, sharpening, using a bowl gouge and two useful projects. If you have always wanted to turn. . If you have a teenager you want to get started right and you're not equipped to teach them yourself. . . If you have a lathe sitting in the basement or garage just waiting for you to take a woodturning class. . . this presentation will amaze you. If you are a Self Taught Turner wanting to learn more, or if you are having problems making certain cuts, if you constantly get catches, we work through all of those situations on the DVD. If you turn pens but want to do more. . . If you are a pretty good bowl turner, but want to learn spindle work involving beads and coves or thin spindles Run time: 74 minutes
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