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Preisvergleich Produktbild The Little Polar Bear [UK Import]

The Little Polar Bear [UK Import]

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The Little Polar Bear is a wonderfully sweet movie adaptation of the bestselling childrens book by Dutch author and illustrator Hans de Beer. Lars--the bear of the title--lives in the North Pole with his father, Mika, who warns him that he should not mix with any walruses. Unfortunately, Lars is already best friends with Robby. The two of them just cant understand what all the fuss is about, raising issues of tolerance and understanding to viewers of all ages. This isnt to say the film heavy-handedly throws messages at its young viewers. Subtle points made about society and environment are there to be interpreted, but its the friendship tale thats at the heart of the movie. Along the way the pair encounters four hilariously depressed lemmings, the happy snow goose Pieps, Lena the Arctic hare, Caruso the singing penguin, and the pretty bear Greta, to whom Lars finds himself curiously attracted. No violence. No pessimism. This is childrens entertainment at its innocent best. --Paul Tonks
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