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Preisvergleich Produktbild OMG Oh My God. Bollywood Film mit Akshay Kumar und Mithun Chakraborty. [DVD][IMPORT]

OMG Oh My God. Bollywood Film mit Akshay Kumar und Mithun Chakraborty. [DVD][IMPORT]

von Shemaroo
Kanji Mehta is an atheist, who runs as antique shop. For him, God and religion are nothing more than business propositions. One fine day, when a slight tremor of an earthquake shakes the city, it causes the destruction of only one shop in the entire city, Kanaji's shop! However, for just such a situation, he has taken out more than adequate insurance. But as they say, man proposes, God disposes or in this case, the insurance company disposes. For the insurance companies posses a holistic shield against all such items 'Act of God'. Now, this 'Act of God' is fine print which is hardly ever ready by the policy taker, but can be used by the insurance agency to deny any unwanted claim. The insurance company invokes this 'Act of God' and promptly rejects the claim saying that 'earthquake' is not a man-made phenomenon, it can only be brought on by an 'Act of God'. Frustrated and left with no option, Kanji decides to file a case against God on the premise that if God is responsible for his loss, as has been made amply clear by the insurance company, then it is God's responsibility to compensate him for his losses. So that's how God gets sued!
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