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Preisvergleich Produktbild Jame Stewart Westerns - Destry Rides Again (1939) / Shenandoah / The Man From Laramie / Two Rode Together

Jame Stewart Westerns - Destry Rides Again (1939) / Shenandoah / The Man From Laramie / Two Rode Together

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Destry Rides Again (Dir. George Marshall, 1939)
As Destry, a mild-mannered deputy who doesn't like guns, Stewart is called to restore order to the hopelessly corrupt frontier town of Bottleneck. Though reluctant to undertake such an enormous task, he's soon roped into action after meeting the seductive Frenchy (Dietrich), an alluring saloon girl who belts out unforgettable show-stoppers like "The Boys in the Back Room, " while winning the hero's heart.

Shenandoah (Dir. Andrew V. McLaglen, 1965)
James Stewart stars as a Virginia farmer during the Civil War. He refuses to support the Confederacy because he is opposed to slavery, yet he will not support the Union because he is deeply opposedito war. When his son is taken prisoner, Stewart goes to search for the boy. Seeing first-hand the horrors of war, he is at last forced to take his stand...

The Man From Laramie (Dir. Anthony Mann, 1955)
Will Lockhart comes to a small town to find the man who sold rifles to the Apaches and caused the death of his brother, a cavalry officer. Beaten and nearly killed by cohorts of the arms dealer, he also becomes embroiled with a ranch baron and his overwrought son. Father and son are plotted against by their treacherous foreman who wants the ranch for himself.

Two Rode Together (Dir. John Ford, 1961)
This is John Ford's criminally overlooked western and the first collaboration between Ford and James Stewart A group of children are held captive by the Indians. A Lieutenant enlists the help of a Texas Marshall in a rescue attempt. Based on the novel by Will Cook.

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