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Quadcopter Drone Hubsan X4 H501S 5.8G FPV Brushless Erweiterte Version Drone RC Quadcopter (Blanco)

von Hubsan
Preisvergleich Produktbild Quadcopter Drone Hubsan X4 H501S 5.8G FPV Brushless Erweiterte Version Drone RC Quadcopter (Blanco)
Black Chassis
We think this is a great Drone because for the price you are buying a fantastic machine full of technology and capability.
We also have a great range of spares for this drone in stock at Newbridge.
The H501S is the latest FPV Quadcopter from Hubsan and features a built-in 1080P HD Camera, return to home mode, built in GPS, altitude adjust and superior brushless motors for increased flight time and a headless flight mode to make the quad even easier to fly.
The built-in GPS* enables the quadcopter to enter into failsafe mode if the connection to the radio transmitter is lost. In failsafe mode the flight control system will automatically control the quadcopter and return to the home-point and land safely; you can also manually switch the Quad to failsafe mode directly from the return to home function switch on the transmitter. The built-in GPS is also utilized for the Follow me mode which enables the quad to follow and record your activities.
The multi-function transmitter features a built-in 4.3 FPV LCD screen displaying clear 5.8Ghz real-time video transmission from the Quads on-board 1080P HD camera. It has conveniently placed switches and buttons on the front face of the transmitter for GPS, RTH and camera/video functions make this quad a pleasure to use.
With a stylish and sleek new body shape, LEDs lighting up the feet the H501S is the ideal entry to a more rewarding FPV and Ariel camera footage experience.
What sets the H501S apart from its rivals is its impressive array of features. The 1080P HD camera allows for some stunning aerial photography and videos coupled with the high capacity battery and altitude height adjust it can give flight times of 20-25 minuets.
Hubsan H501S Features:
1080P HD camera
Headless flight mode
Altitude height adjust
Follow Me Mode
One Key Return
LED lights
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