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Ray-Ban Metal Sports Sunglasses in Gunmetal Green 61 G15 Crystal Green

von Ray-Ban
Preisvergleich Produktbild Ray-Ban Metal Sports Sunglasses in Gunmetal Green 61 G15 Crystal Green
Ray-Ban Metal Sports Sunglasses in Gunmetal Green RB3498 004/71 61 are a fresh new squared sports shape. The fine brushed aluminium wire frame features spring-loaded hinges and matte rubber temples which provide the ultimate in comfort and fit. The temple arms are 3D contoured to add an extra sporty edge. This model features a gunmetal frame and contrasting crystal green lens. Ray-ban has become one of the most iconic sunglasses brands of all time. Since their creation by Bausch and Lomb in 1936, the brand has increased in popularity and status and is always at the forefront of fashion with their up to date shapes and state of the art manufacturing techniques. Redefining classic design with contemporary styling, Ray-ban sunglasses regularly feature on the big screen in movies such as Top Gun, Donny Brasco and Reservoir dogs to name but a few. The cool Ray-ban styling is also a favourite amongst the celebrity world
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