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Supergirl Vol. 2: Girl in the World (The New 52)

Preisvergleich Produktbild Supergirl Vol. 2: Girl in the World (The New 52)
Jettisoned to Earth when her home planet of Krypton explodes, Supergirl emerges, alone and confused. Not knowing who to trust, Kara has spurned help from her fellow Kryptonian survivors Superman and Superboy. However, the last daughter of Krypton has finally made a friend in a young girl name Siobhan. But Siobhan isn't the sweet teenager she seems - she carries the curse of the Silver Banshee, an ancient evil buried deep within her soul. As Supergirl struggles to help her new companion, things get even worse: Siobhan's father, the villainous Black Banshee, comes to collect his daughter - and Supergirl - into his world of darkness! Collects Supergirl issues numbered 8-12, and numbered 0, written by the creative team of Mike Johnson and Michael Green, with art by Mahmud Asrar and the legendary George Perez.
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