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The Schuco Saga: 100 Years Replete with Marvels

Preisvergleich Produktbild The Schuco Saga: 100 Years Replete with Marvels
Schuco - for collectors and fans today the name is tantamount to fascinating and high-quality model cars. In the 1920s the company Schreyer und Co became world famous with their Schuco-toys. After difficult times the legendary toy brand is today part of the SIMBA-DICKIE-GROUP, one of the biggest toy manufacturers of the world. 'The Schuco Saga: 100 Years Replete with Marvels' looks back on 100 years of success and change and presents innumerable marvels in miniature. The story, endowed with many unpublished pictures, is illustrated by a kaleidoscope of the most appealing products of the unique Schuco history: from famous tin toys like Donald Duck, to the classical piccolo series, to legends like the Mercedes-Benz C111. Looking at the Schuco collectables - all of them aesthetically staged and shown in detail - will cheer the hearts of collectors and fans. Andreas A. Berse, editor of the magazine MODELLFAHRZEUG, is the author of this profound and passionately composed book, which for the first time traces back the history of the great brand Schuco.
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