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Kaiki MotoSpeed CK107 Farbe Hintergrundbeleuchtung Gaming Keyboard USB Powered für Desktop Laptop

von Kaiki
Preisvergleich Produktbild Kaiki MotoSpeed CK107 Farbe Hintergrundbeleuchtung Gaming Keyboard USB Powered für Desktop Laptop

* Product Dimension: 437.3mm (L) * 128mm (W) * 36.2mm (H)

* Body weight: 850 ± 2 0g

* Operating life: 50, 000, 000times (times)

* Cable length: 1.80M ± 1%, 4.5mm, five core shielded magnetic ring with a bit line,

* Operating voltage: + 5V ± 5%

* Use the maximum current: 500mA

* Interface type: from Taiwan's high-performance Flash MCU, support USB2.0 (full-speed 12Mbps) transmission mode

* Connection with the computer: Wired

* Operating system: WIN2000 / XP / VISTA / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10

* Ergonomics: Suppor

* Keyboard type: high-key cap ladder design

* The number of key: 104 keys, using two-color keycap technology.

* 11 combinations of multimedia shortcut keys function

* Free EEPROM memory, the chip uses Flash memory, 64K bytes (playback speed can not remember each switch to restore the default speed mode)

Function Description:

* Standard Edition: FN + 1 to 5 buttons for the fixed game mode button lit, can also be customized by the customer to modify.

* Supports nine stunning LED lighting effects (including boot animation)

* Three-color picture (boot screen)

* Always bright mode, colorful breathing, game master, colorful neon, no traces of snow, mixed light ripples, colorful horse, imminent, master flower, colorful streamer

* Support all modes, FN + " / " five speed adjustment, support FN + " / five brightness adjustment.

* Support 6 keys / N key mode automatically switch, online banking password entry is not affected.

* Support FN + ESC reset function, restore the game master default lighting settings.

* Support FN + PS off / open backlight function.

Package Content:

* 1xKeyboard
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