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Rabbit Raving Rabbids (9300) Mini-Kopfhörer, kabelgebunden

von rabbit
Preisvergleich Produktbild Rabbit Raving Rabbids (9300) Mini-Kopfhörer,  kabelgebunden
The Rabbids Gamer Headphones are an officially licensed item based on the multiplatform Raving Rabbids series. These unique headphones come equipped and ready for hours of gaming in a fun but safe auditory environment. Stylish! headphones feature an outrageous Raving Rabbid in full ""Staying Alive"" pose on the ear pieces in a retro black and white design, and the headband is also stylishly embossed with the stitching of that infamous Rabbid's adrenaline cry "Bwaaah!". Comfortable, safe & hygienic! This lightweight headset has a padded headband and soft ear cushions in preparation for those extreme gaming sessions. The ear cushions are made from soft wipe clean leatherette, and the volume levels are limited to 100dB which make these headphones great for long gaming sessions. Obliterate outside noise with the noise reducing ear cushions and immerse yourself in game sound with in-line volume control functionality. Useable anywhere, a standard audio connection is fitted for compatibility with handheld games consoles, music players, smart phones, laptops and any media device with a 3.5mm audio jack. The Rabbids Gamer Headphones are the perfect gift for all those Raving Rabbids addicts out there who want to play their games and listen to music in style!.
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