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Flight Simulator X: Carenado C337 Skymaster (Add-On)

Preisvergleich Produktbild Flight Simulator X: Carenado C337 Skymaster (Add-On)
Get ready to soar the Flight Simulator skies, in one of flight simulations hottest GA Aircraft addons to date, the C337 Skymaster. Widely acclaimed as one of the best GA models yet created for Flight Simulator X and P3D. The aircraft in this package is modeled after the C337 Skymaster aircraft created in real life by Cessna and is recreated in High Definition detail right down to the last rivet. --- The C337 is a unique type of aircraft. It is a "pusher/puller" which two in-line engines that both pull and push the aircraft along simultaneously. This means that if one engine dies, the other takes over and you avoid that nasty yaw and asymmetric thrust/drag issues that plague common multi-engine aircraft with wing-mounted engines. --- The C337 model include in this boxed package has been widely acclaimed, and a top-selling aircraft addon since its release. The panel is simply stunning, but equally functional too. This is the perfect touring aircraft and it is extremely stable in flight. This makes it the ideal choice for virtual pilots who love looking out the window as much as they look at their instruments, and a great choice for trainee virtual pilots looking to take the next step up from the default FSX/P3D aircraft offerings. --- The 12-page printed manual inside the package gives you detailed performance specs and procedures for flying the C337 and there are many PDFs on the CD featuring checklists and user guides for various equipment such as the GPS and avionics. --- The General Aviation Aircraft Collection C337 Skymaster is a great collector`s edition, beautifully finished and published by PC Aviator.
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