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Fnatic Gear Rush LED Pro Gaming-Tastatur (Mechanisch, Cherry MX Blue-Tasten, US-Layout)

von Fnatic
Preisvergleich Produktbild Fnatic Gear Rush LED Pro Gaming-Tastatur (Mechanisch,  Cherry MX Blue-Tasten,  US-Layout)

The RUSH Mechanical Keyboard is equipped with top-tier technology providing the rapid response, control, and feel needed to perform at the highest levels in eSports. RUSH is pro-player tested and approved for the highest levels of competitive play.

eSports Inspired
RUSH is inspired by the demands of the world's leading professional gamers. It is made to support the need for rapid keystroke commands while still providing solid comfort, control, and reliability.

Fnatic Quality
Built with tournament play in mind, RUSH is built for eSports and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Cherry MX Switches
Equipped with CHERRY MX mechanical switches, RUSH supports even the most intense gaming scenarios and delivers every keystroke command with precision and reliability. The CHERRY MX switches give a unique tactile feel to the player that signal exactly when each command is executed.

Ergonomic Design
Designed with a soft-rubber coating and removable wrist-support, RUSH provides a tactile feel and is built to be comfortable in even the longest of gaming sessions.

More USB
Built with two additional USB ports on its back, RUSH doesn't make you sacrifice a USB connection. Connect the keyboard plus two more USB devices through its single USB connector.

Backlit & Customizable
With LED lighting and onboard memory, RUSH supports five player profiles of custom keys, macros, and LED settings. Enabling the Fnatic Mode function allows you to disable the windows key and enable macro settings on virtually any key.

Technical Specs

Switch type: Cherry MX: Blue

Key design: Cylindrical

Anti-ghost: Full N-key roll over

Backlit: Individual LED's on each key

Memory: Onboard 128 KB

Connect-through ports: 2 x USB 2.0

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