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Kaiki Wireless Bluetooth Tastatur Folio Tasche für IPad Pro 9.7inch / Air 2

von Kaiki
Preisvergleich Produktbild Kaiki Wireless Bluetooth Tastatur Folio Tasche für IPad Pro 9.7inch / Air 2

* The keyboard connects to your tablet via Bluetooth.

* Material: Aluminium Alloy+ABS plastic leather interior+magnet + PU

* Additional function keys facilitate the operation of your device with IOS operating system.

* The keyboard has shortcut keys for major applications.

* High quality and long life keyboard.

* Mechanisms guarantee a pleasant and fatigue-free typing experience even of longer Tex.

* Easy to use and looks great.

* Good touch feeling. Quiet keystrokes.


* Built-in slimmest wireless Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard.

* Light weight , quiet keystrokes, waterproof and dust-proof

* Energy saving keyboard sleep mode

* Ultra-thin Bluetooth Keyboard

* Support system: support Apple IOS system, suitable for Apple ipad pro 9.7inch and ipad air2 Tablet PC

* Clamshell notebook protection shell type design

* The overall design of the blade type line, concise fashion, easy to carry, comfortable ABS angle scissor type key, 5.Typing fast and comfortable and durable

* Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery powered worry free,

* \Protective shell all-round protection of iPad tablet computer and with intelligent dormancy power-saving features.

* Color: silver, black, gold nouveau riche, rose gold

* Note:

* Any specific detail please read the user manual

* when you not use for long time, suggest to close the keyboard

* In order to get longer battery life, charging time should more than 2 hours each time.

Package include:

* 1 xWireless Bluetooth Keyboard Folios Case Cover for IPad Pro 9.7inch/ Air 2

* 1 xCharge cable
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