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[UK-Import]Ratchet & and Clank Quest For Booty Game PS3

von Sony
Preisvergleich Produktbild [UK-Import]Ratchet & and Clank Quest For Booty Game PS3

Plot a course to the planet Merdegraw for a fun-size follow up to Ratchet & Clank Tools Of Destruction.New challenges, new wrench gameplay and new locations as the mysterious Zoni have taken Clank! Now Ratchet must use his space-age weapons and new Omniwrench to battle Captain Darkwaters band of cut-throat ghost pirates to find the Fulcrum Star - a lost treasure that could be the link to finding his best friend

Ratchet and Clank head off on an exciting treasure hunt Test your pirate wits: mix brew, manipulate shadows and play tunes to find vital clues to Captain Angstrom Darkwater's treasure Travel to four exotic new locations and fight new pirate enemies All new wrench mechanics: Push, pull, and manipulate objects Light/Dark gameplay: Illuminate dark areas and use your wits to survive. Pirate Puzzles: Mix brew, manipulate shadows and play tunes to find hidden booty! Travel to four exotic locations on Planet Merdegraw: Pirate Fleet, Hoolefar Island, Morrow Caverns and Darkwater Cove Explore a small island town and interact with the townspeople to find vital clues to Captain Darkwater’s treasure. Up to four hours of epic Ratchet & Clank gameplay for both fans and newcomers to the franchise.
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