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FGGHNN Long Wood Handle Household Dust Mites Soft Non-Furniture Brush

Preisvergleich Produktbild FGGHNN Long Wood Handle Household Dust Mites Soft Non-Furniture Brush
Material: Lambswool+wood
S: Handle Length: 22cm; Brush Length: 30cm
cmght weight, easy to carry, suitable for family, travel. The product can be placed in the home shoe cabinet, placed in the office, and easy carried on the trip.Diversified use scenarios.Mini portable design, easy and .
Providing quick, easy and clean care for all kinds of leather shoes, leather bags and other leather care.Suitable to leather shoes and furniture like sofa, car mat, bag and leather jacket etc. Floors and furniture can be effectively cleaned and shredded hair and fur safely removed without being scratched or scraped, thanks to the soft rubber tips.
Whether you have a big or small cat or dog, their fur and hair moults and sticks to beds, couches, car seats and rugs. With the rubber hair-removing brush, hair and fur can be quickly and easily swept away and the brush itself is simple to wash, just place it under running water.
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