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GailMontan Akku-Kit für Netgear Arlo Security Camera - 20 Akkus - Weiß

von GailMontan
Preisvergleich Produktbild GailMontan Akku-Kit für Netgear Arlo Security Camera - 20 Akkus - Weiß
Perfect for netgear arlo security camera system.
You can charge over again and again which is so durable.
2 chargers which is so convenient for using.
Come with indicator light, to show the status of the battery.
It can be a perfect replacement power tool battery charger.

Good heat dissipation and long service life.
Long life cycle for charging.
Offers versatility, efficiency and saves money.
High-capacity 2500mAh.
They are so lightweight which is so portable to be taken.
The charger is in stable discharge voltage.

Battery Size: 1.5x1.5x3m
Chargers Size: 12x9x3cm
Package Size: 23.5x16.5x5cm
Battery Color: white, yellow, purple, grey
Chargers Color: black
Capacity: 2500mAh
Voltage: 3.7V

Package included:
1 x Charger
20 x Rechargeable Batteries

According to different conditions, Battery capacity can be divided into actual capacity, theoretical capacity, also called rated capacity.
Battery capacity refers to the battery storage capacity.
The unit is ""mAh"", 1Ah = 1000mAh, so there are some differences between rated capacity and actual capacity in Battery.
It is normal and reasonable
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